Anyone who’s known me more than five minutes knows I grew up in Metro Detroit in the small city of Inkster, Michigan. Every once in a while, I find a way to celebrate my roots through design. Here are a few projects that took me back to my hometown roots.

Michigan State University 150 Years Banner

150 Years of Spartan Spirit

As a Michigan State University alumnus, creating this banner was one of my greatest honors. A fresh new designer in East Lansing at the time, I designed this with all of MSU in mind. The banner celebrates the history of the school and many aspects of its beautiful sprawling campus.

Ambassador Logo

The Ambassador Bridge is a 7,500 foot connection between not just two cities, but indeed two nations. Detroit, Michigan sits on one side; Windsor, Ontario awaits on the other.

As a kid, this was a routine commute for my family. We’d take multiple trips over to the lake shores of Canada each year. I created this logo to celebrate the bridge and my personal history. More than that, I love the idea of being an “ambassador” – sharing my past experience and roots with the world.

Blue and black logo featuring Detroit's Ambassador Bridge
Nothing Stops Detroit neon sign art by Carl Vervisch

Nothing Stops Detroit

Just for the fun of it, some years back I spent a little time recreating the look of this beautiful neon sign as a vector illustration. Neon is an amazing art form I continue to find new ways to appreciate.

This is an homage to the piece that hangs in the window of The Detroit Shoppe on Woodward Avenue.

Click through to see a whole boatload of my other neon sign artwork!

As much as I love projects that highlight where I’m from, I’m always excited for new places! One of my greatest joys in life is to see, experience, and interact with a new place. And I’m passionate about helping communicate the heart and soul of a place. If you’re looking for someone with a passion for placemaking and design, drop me a line!

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