Carl Vervisch: Creativity + Leadership + Passion

Carl Vervisch is a proven creative leader with a passion for mentorship, executional excellence, process-driven solutions, and team-building. This unique skillset gives Carl a valuable perspective for a wide variety of business applications and needs.

Leadership: Finding, developing, and motivating talent

Carl co-founded digital advertising agency Social Forces in 2009. By 2019, he had cumulatively overseen close to 100 professionals either as direct reports or within his organization. To attract talent, Carl oversaw the agency’s internship program, which brought more than 50 top-tier candidates into the agency. As needed, Carl directly recruited, vetted, and hired on creative staff, conducted onboarding procedures for all team members, and managed payroll and HR responsibilities. Carl built and managed the agency’s personnel review system, and oversaw hundreds of reviews and impromptu check-ups on career advancement. On a daily basis, Carl shouldered the role of motivating and cultivating each member of the team to advance the agency and their respective careers. Outside the office, Carl has provided guidance as a keynote speaker, guest lecturer, and one-on-one mentor on countless occasions.

Executional Ability: End-to-end creative production capability

Carl has produced award-winning creative work as a copywriter, graphic designer, and interactive media producer. As an individual, he continuously maintains and develops his skills in concept development, writing, design, illustration, motion graphics, photography, video editing, voiceover management, audio production, interactive production, and digital media specifications. In short, Carl has the unique ability to conceive, produce, and launch an entire advertising campaign or comparable creative production without outside assistance when necessary. Additionally, Carl has a high level of competency working with spreadsheets, presentation software, project management software, and a variety of cloud-based business management platforms.

Communications: Top-to-bottom collaboration

Owing in part to his top-to-bottom background, Carl is highly skilled in communicating from the board room to the production floor. He has the business acumen and critical thinking ability to understand business concepts and objectives. As an ally to front-office leaders, he is well-versed in digesting data, offering consultation, making marketing recommendations, and internalizing a course of action. With his technical background, he can easily translate business needs to conceptual challenges or executional directives, depending on the scale and nature of a project. He has extensive experience working with both internal teams and external vendors to complete work. In a presentation format, he brings a friendly demeanor, thorough explanations, easy to understand visual support, and intensive listening skills. When appropriate, Carl has a well-honed ability to position and sell solutions and results through presentations and deliverables.

Project Management: Efficient processes for expert delivery

Beginning with a daily briefing and seen through to final quality control, Carl implemented a home-grown system for producing best-in-class work with extreme efficiency on rigorous schedules for international brands. At its peak, Social Forces was shipping close to 1,000 digital assets per year from a production team of 6, each with its own strategy, professional photo/video shoot, production timeline, and path to media placement. Carl has a natural obsession with building, maintaining, and evolving processes to produce work at high speeds without compromising quality.

Personal Objective:

Carl aspires to work toward an executive-level position with an organization that invests in the well-being of wildlife and natural resources. He also dreams of establishing himself as a renowned artist.

Brand Experience:

From the Author: Who I Am

I’m a Detroit-built creative soul living in Tampa, Florida. I grew up with a crayon in one hand and a computer mouse in the other (or I would have, were I ambidextrous). I’m a happily married crazy cat dad tucked away in the serenity of the city’s Forest Hills neighborhood. I have too many obsessions to fit in with any enthusiast group, but I take turns cultivating interests in RV travel, the National Parks, vintage ephemera, craft beer, tiki culture, international cuisine, coffee, personal finance, poetry, music, and bowling. My perfect day includes an honest and open-ended one-on-one conversation with a kindred spirit, a hot cup of coffee, and a pizza with pepperoni and banana peppers.