Carl Vervisch: Senior Copywriter

Writing is my first love, my most natural talent, and my profession since 2006. From long-format videos to social media, I have a depth of experience in all formats, styles, and types of marketing copy.

  • Brand Anthems
  • Video & Radio
  • Social Engagement
  • Billboards & Outdoor
  • Mission Statements
  • Brand Names
  • Blog Writing & SEO
  • Technical Writing

Video Concepts & Script Writing

Headlines & Naming

Performance & Poetry

The Millennial Problem

I wrote and delivered this five-minute leadership-oriented spoken word performance at Ignite Tampa Bay 2016. Ignite is a community event focused on sharing ideas and insights with a universally structured pace for slides and speaking. As a creative leader, I have frequently heard outside sources citing frustrations with specific generations and age brackets. This piece was my attempt to unpack the motivations and best intentions at the individual level.